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3-ingredient pickled ginger

I have been so much into pickling lately! I love the taste of it and experimented with classic pickles; cucumbers, but also more sturdy vegetables like carrots. They taste great on sandwiches, in salads and well, I basically eat them with every meal.

We wanted to make an Asian type dish for the blog (stay tuned for that) that included pickled ginger. Of course we had to try to make that ourselves as well!

Anyone who has ever bought pickled ginger in the supermarket, to add to sushi for example, will know that sometimes it has a light pink-ish colour. That colour comes from the pink tips of fresh young ginger, called Gari (or sometimes called sushi ginger). This ginger is actually preferred for making pickled ginger because of a thinner skin and softer inside.

We couldn’t find young ginger (actually we haven’t tried, but we have never seen it in the stores so if anyone knows where to buy it, let us know!), so we used normal ginger instead. This works great too but it will not have the same pink-ish colour.

Before we jump to the recipe we have one more tip for you when making the pickled ginger. You are going to blanch the ginger slices in boiling water for a short amount of time. Afterwards, you will drain the ginger and pickle it. Now comes the important part, don’t flush your ginger water away! It is amazing ginger tea! You might think we know this because we drank it afterwards, but the opposite is true. We flushed all the delicious ginger tea down the drain, while we flashed each other with the most hilarious facial expressions, because we realized at the same time what we were doing. Oh well, at least we were able to give you this piece of wisdom now.

No more excuses to buy pickled ginger with this 3-ingredient recipe!

Pickled ginger

makes 1/2 cup

3 cm ginger

1 tbsp honey

± about ½ cup rice vinegar

Shave the ginger with a peeler or slice very thinly. Blanch in boiling water for 2 minutes. Drain the ginger (and safe the water for tea!). Mix the ginger with the rice vinegar in a glass jar until all the ginger is covered and stir in the honey. Keep refrigerated for 1 day before using.

* You can keep this for a very long time :)

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