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Beetroot Gazpacho

The first time I ever had gazpacho was in Spain. The weather was warm and you better believed we had naps on the beach in the afternoon everyday. It was on a family vacation and instead of spending time in the mountains like we normally would every holiday, we got to go to a beach town for the first few days! (after that we still went to the Alps, because we are a small campsite hiking lover family). It was amazing, warm and sunny everyday. The campsite wasn’t all that special, but those few days in the sun gave me a love for cold soup that is still here whenever it gets warm.

The first few tries of making my own gazpacho weren’t that special. Until I found out that adding other ingredients than just tomatoes really upgraded my soups from savoury smoothies to actual soups! I also really love adding ice cubes to soups because it looks great! And bonus point for this soup, you can also enjoy it warm, because it still taste good!

Beetroot Gazpacho

serves 4

8 small beetroots (peeled)

1 cm ginger

1,5 liter vegetable broth

400 ml coconut milk

juice of 1 lime


radishes, sesame seeds, arugula and coconut yogurt

Slice the beetroot and ginger in pieces. Bake them slightly for 4 minutes on medium heat in a pan and add the vegetable broth. Boil for about 30 minutes until the beetroot is soft. With a hand blender blend until smooth. Add coconut milk and lime juice and let the soup cool down completely in the fridge.

Serve with sliced radish, arugula, sesame seeds and coconut yogurt.

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