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Cashew ice cream with berry compote

Hello again! We haven’t posted in a long time, and before that we did the same. Sorry, we have been crazy busy with a lot of different things. Before skipping to the recipe I can give you a small life update:

I HAVE MOVED! This is the biggest change that has happened in our little kwiek world. We no longer life in the same city! This means that we are now chatting virtually and it is so strange. I live in Holland now, together with my boyfriend. We have a really cool house with a beautiful floor that might steal the show in some new photos! Who knows!

Also I have graduated from my Master, and am now officially not a student anymore. All of these things still feel very strange, and I am now in the process of making Eindhoven my home, finding a nice yoga studio and looking for the best places to have food. Julia, well, she is always busy and it’s difficult to find her without something to do.

The saddest part about moving is that I am missing friends and food from the city of Copenhagen and have to travel 900 km to cook together with Julia. The happy part about it all is that I get to see my boyfriend a lot more, and that I get to travel to Copenhagen and sleep on Julias couch whenever I want (right?)! And she can do the same here, although her family might not be the biggest fan of that idea. Well, enough about life and changes, and let’s get into the recipe. I have always been a fan of anything ice cream. Even in the winter you can find me craving iced lattes over regular and to many peoples frustration I prefer my tea when it has cooled down. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, when it is actually summer and socially acceptable to eat ice cream that, I. Want. Ice. Cream. Every. Day.

Luckily for me and my health banana ice cream and frozen fruit exists. This recipe uses bananas and cashews to create a delicious creamy ice cream base. The fruit makes it a little more sweet and sour, which I prefer over nutty flavours when it gets warm. As long as you have a freezer and a blender this is so easy to make, and leftovers can just be refrozen again. Soak the cashews overnight to get them soft and freeze the bananas in little chunks before using them.

Cashew cream

300 gram cashew nuts, soaked overnight

1 el maple syrup

4 frozen bananas

Water for blending

Blend the cashews, maple syrup and the bananas until smooth. If necessary add some water to help blend the mixture.

Berry compote

100 gram frozen berries

1 tbsp maple syrup

pinch of vanilla powder

Simmer the berries together with the maple syrup and the vanilla powder and let cool down

Place the compote in jar and add cashew cream. Top with more compote and fruit.

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