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Chocolate Dates

Julia and me started a training schedule a few weeks ago. It is a bit crazy because I have spend almost three weeks in the Netherlands, so we haven’t really trained together. But we managed to keep each other motivated a little by sending each other sweaty pictures of our overheated faces. I felt really good the first two weeks of doing this, and today I have miserably failed; to send a picture, but also to do the training. Once I am back in Copenhagen there is no way I can miss a training, because she will hunt me down and drag me to the gym (that’s what friends are for I guess).

If you are a little like me, you have days where a workout sounds like the best thing in the world, and you just want to spend the entire day in the gym, and you have other days where you just want to be a couch potato and do nothing. My best advise is to find a workout buddy, because cancelling a workout that you planned to do yourself is much easier than cancelling on your friend. And the same goes the other way of course, because when Julia says she is not feeling a workout all I have to do is send a little sad face back and she knows it is workout time. The only moments when this fails is when we are both having a potato day and the moment one of us only gives a slight hint of not wanting to go, it goes wrong. Like the time when we signed up for a class, when to the gym and ended up in the sauna… How did that happen.

Most days I do love a good workout though. In the morning it gets you more energized for the rest of the day and a workout in the evening clears your brain from worries and stress. A bonus is that workout clothes are the best clothes, and if I could live in leggings and sport shirts, I totally would (and in reality I am). After working out I am ready for a snack, obviously. And lately we have been making this incredibly simple, but amazing snack! It is chocolate covered dates, and they are so easy to make, it is almost a joke that we are putting it up as a recipe, but we really want you to eat them. I see them as the lazy version of date balls, because they don’t require a food processor to make them, and the only difficult thing is not eating them all when you are preparing them. We added coconut, turmeric and matcha as a topping. And now that I am writing this I remember that I wanted to talk about matcha, and how I feel like I am the only person in the world who dislikes the flavour (I am sorry). But, I can assure you that the coconut and turmeric toppings tasted amazing! Other toppings could work too of course, and we are thinking to experiment with liquorice powder and create a chocolate lakrits date! Mums!

Chocolate dates

For 15 dates

15 dates without pit

50 grams of chocolate, melted

Topping: shredded coconut, matcha powder, turmeric

Dip the date halfway into the melted chocolate, and dip it afterwards in your favourite topping. Let the dates set in the fridge for 2 hours, or until the chocolate is hard again.

* You can also use liquorice powder, chopped nuts or freeze dried berries

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