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{Christmas} Maple Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Cakes

Isn’t December just flowing by? I mean it’s just one more week and it’s Christmas! I am so excited to make these cakes again next week! I am mostly happy about how the caramel sauce turned out, because I love to make caramel desserts. I am definitely using our recipe for other creations as well. This dessert is basically our dream because we just threw together our favourite flavours; caramel, brownie, vanilla and chocolate (also brownie, definitely a flavour, right?).

Before we go to the recipe we have some exciting news to share! We are now officially a company, not just a blog. Which means that some changes are coming up! One of the biggest is a name change! In 2018 we will change our name to Inside Sprout (byebye kwiek), and we want to focus (next to recipe blogging of course) on some more lifestyle blogging and organising workshops and events, and maybe even create some recipe movies and selling some e-books? Anyways, back to the recipe!

To create these cakes you need a small bowl or container for each person. Don’t use too big a bowls because… well actually you could use big bowls. The nice thing about this dessert is that you can make them in advance, keep them in the freezer. The only thing you have to do last minute is pop them out of the container and top them with melted chocolate. Enjoy!

Ice Cream Cakes

Serves 4

Maple Caramel

½ cup maple syrup

¼ cup coconut milk

Add coconut milk and maple syrup to a pan and heat up. Bring to a boil and keep stirring until the bubbles get smaller and the mixture is getting sticky. This takes about 3-4 minutes, don’t boil it too long because then the caramel will be too hard when it’s cold. Put into a glass jar and let cool down.

Raw Oat Brownie

3 medjool dates

2 tsp cocoa nibs

1 cup oats

20 gram cacao powder

50 gram cashew

¼ cup water

Use a food processor to blend the oats to a flour. Then add the dates (without the pits), cacao nibs and the cacao powder and blend. Slowly add a little water to help form a paste. Use about 1/4 of a cup. The dough should still be kneadable but not sticking to your hand.

Vanilla Nice Cream

4 large bananas (cut into small pieces and frozen overnight)

¼ cup coconut milk

1 tsp ground vanilla

Blend the frozen bananas, coconut milk and ground vanilla in a high speed blender. Depending on your blender you might need to use a spatula to scrape down the sides. Keep in the freezer until you are ready to use it.

Ice Cream Cakes

Raw oat brownie

Maple Caramel

Vanilla Nice Cream

50 gram dark chocolate

Knead the oat brownie dough and create 4 separate balls. Flatten and add a teaspoon of maple caramel on top. Divide the nice cream into 4 seperate bowls or containers, add the brownie and press it into the nice cream. Place the containers in the freezer for at least 20 minutes (or when you are ready to serve). Melt the chocolate and let it cool down a little. Take the cakes out of the container and top with the melted chocolate. Serve.

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