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Coconut cream frosting

This friday was one of the first real sunny days in Copenhagen, it was amazing to sit in the sunshine and enjoy life outside of my small apartment. The sunshine and the fact that it stays light longer is really messing with my head. I think it’s 15:00 when it is actually past dinnertime. When this happens I find myself making some light snacks to feed my hungry belly (that is wondering why I don’t feed it at the time I normally do) and I realise too late that it was actually time to be hungry and eat dinner. I just have to adjust a bit, but I endure this ‘jetlag’ with pleasure, because it means it is finally springtime!

These snacks mostly end up as a desert or a midday snack for the next day. Even though we try to eat healthy, we still love to eat cake, but it is all about balance, right? So as long as you don’t overindulge, it is perfectly fine to enjoy a sweet treat. One of my rules is that I am not allowed to have store bought snacks in my house, so if I would like some treats, I have make it myself (or bike to the supermarket). Naturally I still end up with chocolate bars in my pantry, but most times it is a good rule!

The snack that I was preparing, instead of my dinner at the time, was a variation on our chocolate cake, with a different topping. It was a lovely lactose free frosting with strawberries, that looked a bit like whipping cream, but it is not. Instead it is whipped coconut cream!

We absolutely love it, because it is so simple and very light. Which is perfect for sunny days. You take the coconut cream from the coconut milk and beat it with an electric mixer until fluffy. When it looks like whipped cream, you are done! At this point you can add some sweeteners, we used fresh strawberry puree, but you can also use maple syrup or honey and vanilla.

Coconut cream frosting (lactose free)

for around 10 mini cupcakes or 5 normal

1 can of coconut milk (leave in the fridge for 1 night)

a few strawberries

1 tsp vanilla

optional: sweeten with some honey or maple syrup

Mash the strawberries and sieve all of the mash through a drain so you have a strawberry liquid and a puree left. Use the liquid to flavour your water. Put the mash on the side.

Open the can of coconut milk and carefully scoop out the coconut cream that formed on top. In a bowl, whip the coconut cream with an electric mixer until it resembles whipped cream.

At this point you can add flavouring. Add the strawberry puree, vanilla and if you like: some sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Whip it a little bit extra and there is your healthy frosting! Use on top of cakes and desserts or try it with some fresh fruit, heavenly!

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