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Disaster cake

Wait! Why is this called a disaster cake? Well, it is because I made some mistakes while making this cake the very first time that resulted in me, my kitchen and the ceiling being completely covered in applesauce, plant milk and coconut oil. The first mistake I made is deciding to experiment with a cake that actually had to be served at a birthday. Never make something new without a recipe if the end result actually needs to be edible. The second mistake I made is that I wanted to make this cake in 1 hour, while having to make 2 other recipes as well and pack my stuff for a weekend away. Well, you might think, it’s not very smart to do these two things, but how did the coconut oil end up on your ceiling? Which bring me to my third mistake, which is that I decided I wanted to use my blender for this recipe, and for the first time ever forgot (yes, I forgot) to close the lid on my blender…

Multitasking clearly isn’t my strong suit, especially when I have a deadline. As the cake mixture was dripping from my ceiling onto the floor I desperately tried to save the little that was left and scooped handfuls of the stuff back into the blender. Actually the cake is named wrong, you see, I was the disaster, that cake just never got baked.

I took a big breath and started over, while the cake was baking I took a shower and while the cake cooled down I cleaned the kitchen, ceiling and made some frosting (it’s really easy!) The second cake turned out a lot better than the first (rip cake #1) but it will always be remembered, mostly because there is still a little bit of dough on the ceiling.

Disaster cake

Chocolate cake with strawberry coconut frosting

2 cups plant milk (we used unsweetened almond milk)

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 ¼ cup applesauce

⅔ cup melted coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla bean powder

1 tsp date syrup (or 1 date, pitted and mashed)

2 cups flour

1 cup cacao powder

1 cup cane sugar

1 tsp baking powder


3 cups shredded coconut

½ cup coconut oil

2 cups strawberries (fresh or thawed)

Top with dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (360 F). Coat a cake pan with some coconut oil and cacao powder, set aside. Mix together the plant min and the vinegar and set aside for a few minutes to activate. Then add the applesauce, coconut oil, vanilla and date syrup until smooth. Fold in the flour, cocoa, sugar and baking powder. Add to the cake pan and place in the oven for 25 minutes.

To make the frosting place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. You can add a splash of water to help the mixing. Wait with adding the frosting until the cake has completely cooled down. Top with chunks of dark chocolate.

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