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Introduction + homemade oat milk recipe

Hello. This is just a small little blogpost to update you on what is happening! We have been working really hard on some projects that we would love to share with you. First of all we made a product! We are so happy (and terrified) to share our tonics with you. We always liked making our own chai tea and turmeric powders ourselves, and decided we wanted to make it into a real thing. While making and perfecting the recipe we kept thinking, is this actually going to work? And then, one day, we had the packaging perfected and were taking pictures. It suddenly looked like a real thing! What?! If you are interested in the powders, we will write more about them in the following post, where we will talk about the ingredients and everything.

We also decided that we didn’t just wanted to share recipes, we are (or are trying too in some cases) live a vegan, eco-friendly and happy life. How we see it is that vegan isn’t just a diet choice, it is a lifestyle that comes with difficult moments, making choices, lifestyle changes and building habits that improve not just our quality of life but also the planet around us. We want to share this journey with you by posting lifestyle stories that give a little more insight in our life and topics that we are thinking and talking about.

We will still be posting recipes of course, I mean our biggest love is food and that won’t change! Therefore, we would also like to share a recipe today for homemade oat milk. In attempt to live a more zero-waste life, we had to start making our own milk. We have been making nut milks for a couple years now but it was always a every-now-and-then thing, you know, for when we felt like it. And for our budget, making nut milk for our every day use is just not the cheapest option, we thought. In comes oat milk! Super cheap, even easier to make (you don't have to soak the oats necessarily) and very tasty! We use it for our oatmeal, our tonics, baking, as a splash of milk in our coffee and must say, it works perfectly!

Homemade oat milk

1 cup oats, soaked for 20 minutes or overnight *

3 cups water

1-2 dates

pinch of salt

extra flavoring (optional but nice!): pinch of cinnamon, vanilla extract

Scoop the oats into your blender and add the water and date(s). You can add more water if you want a thinner milk. Blend until all mixed. Now pour the oat milk into a nut bag (or a really fine sieve) and carefully press out all the milk. Mix in the salt and extra flavoring if using. Pour into bottles and store in the fridge.

Keep in mind that the oat milk will separate since we don't use any emulsifiers. Just give it a good shake before each use and you are good to go! It will last in the fridge for around 5 days.

* You don't need to soak the oats. I sometimes don't when I run out of milk and need it in a pinch. However, soaking helps soften the oats AND makes them easier to digest. So if you have the time, I would suggest soaking the oats prior to blending. When soaking, don't forget to rinse the oats afterwards so you rinse off the oat slime! (yes this is a thing!).

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