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Pineapple donuts

There is a special facial expression reserved for when I eat pineapple. I love the fruit but honestly it is way to sour for my taste buds. I torture them by eating pineapple, and by adding it to juices, smoothies and desserts! My face always ends up in a “hej this taste sour and I want the world to know’ kind of way. Crazy fun! Also, pineapple is a pain to slice. I mean, compare it to a banana, instead of just taking the skin off with ease, you need to take the peel of with a knife, and slice out all the weird, round, brown bits, and do not forget that weird thing in the middle! In the end, it is worth it (for me at least, my sour taste buds don’t really see the point) when you end up with the fruit.

Now, pineapple is great on its own but like I mentioned, it is great in juices (like the picture above), smoothies and also desserts! I am not the biggest dessert eater, I would rather eat a lot of dinner in the evening and have a sweet snack in the afternoon (basically I want a dessert before dinner… oops). Although I notice that every time I eat dinner with Julia (the other kwiek girl), she saves up space for a dessert, while I completely fill my belly already. So for her sake, we will call it dessert, but you are allowed to eat it whenever you want! Even for breakfast, it’s up to you. It is very simple to make but takes some time to harden, so whenever your dessert-eating-moment is during the day, prepare it a few hours before.

An interesting fact about buying fresh pineapple is that, unlike some other fruits, it doesn’t ripen more after being picked. This means that you should pick an already ‘ripe’ pineapple (not a green one, sorry green pineapples). If you want to look like a pineapple expert, you should also pick one of the leafs and see if they are white at the bottom. And now that you are a pineapple expert, you have no choice but to make this recipe yourself too!

Pineapple donuts

1 pineapple

150 gr dark chocolate

25 gr shredded coconut

Peel the pineapple and slice it horizontally (slice out the hard core, because that one does not taste good). Put them aside for a moment, and start tempering the chocolate. An easy trick (if you do not have a sugar thermometer) is to melt half the chocolate and add the other half without heat. Dip the pineapple into the chocolate and top with some shredded coconut. Leave in the fridge until the chocolate hardens.

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