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Rainbow pancakes

No alarm, waking up with the sunlight hitting your face and hearing the sounds of a world that has woken up before you. A day where you can sleep and stay in bed a little longer is in our minds a good day. The thought of breakfast makes me wake up. My love for breakfast food goes beyond the regular green smoothie, I love it all, and I will try to cook it all! A lazy morning that I can spend in the kitchen is the best morning for me! Not the best for my poor neighbors though, they must hate the way my blender wakes them up each morning…

So why should we eat breakfast? Well, the the first thing is that it is just very delicious. Secondly, it restores your glucose level: the stuff that makes your brain function. Which is why a lot of studies on breakfast say that it can improve concentration and memory. Another point of why we should eat breakfast is that it provides us with energy and vitamins to start a healthy day, granted that you eat a healthy balanced breakfast and not a chocolate bar. Also, I would advise you to eat breakfast within the first two hours of waking up.

I know that there are people out there who skip their breakfast and will read this thinking: ‘ugh this again?’. I’m sorry about that. Luckily, these pancakes can be made during the entire day. But because they are packed with fruits and veggies, it’s a pretty good way to start your morning (even if it starts during lunchtime).

We would like to share one of our all time favorite breakfast foods with you: the banana pancake. We like to add colorful vegetables to the mix to create a feast to start the day. We made a spinach, carrot and beet variation that all have their own vibrant color and taste. The recipe is pretty simple: combine 1 banana, two eggs, some baking powder and a tablespoon of rice flour (or any other flour) in a blender for the basic mix. The green pancakes use a handful of fresh spinach leafs, the red pancakes use half a beetroot and the orange pancakes use 2 carrots. Blend well and bake. We use coconut oil for baking because it gives it a nice fresh flavour and we make the pancakes a little bit smaller so it looks like there is more!

Rainbow pancakes

makes 6-8 small pancakes

1 Banana

2 Eggs

½ tsp Baking powder

1 tbsp Flour

Green option: Handful of spinach

Red option: Half a beet (peeled)

Orange option: 2 small carrots (peeled)

Combine banana, egg, baking powder and flour in the blender, add any of the vegetables and blend until completely smooth. Bake small american size pancakes and topp them with your favorite toppings.

* we used greek yogurt, honey and pomegranate seeds as toppings.

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