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Simple Tahini Fudge

Happy 2018! I felt like I was finally getting used to writing 2017 instead of 2016 on dates and papers. Do any of you make new year resolutions? Was it to eat more chocolate? Because then this recipe is for you!

We also wanted to give a small update that our domain name has changed to! Soon we will change kwiek to inside sprout on our website, instagram and facebook as well. Back to the blog!

The moment it started getting cold I ditched my bra, started wearing big sweaters and got the feeling like I should start eating chocolate. I also think this moment is when I realise (again) that leggings are indeed not pants. They are better., way better! And my current life goal is to find clothes that feel like I am buried in a blanket and, since I am not allowed to eat in bed, I really need to find this soon.

As I already mentioned, together with my clothes needing to be as cozy as possible I want to eat sweet things, bake and eat sweet things. My favourite things to snack on is chocolate, especially when it is really dark and dense chocolate. I don’t even need that much to be completely satisfied (although I can also eat a lot, not going to lie).

This fudge is the perfect recipe if you are craving chocolate and want to add a little extra density to it. The tahini gives it a nice nutty flavour and makes the chocolate a little bit softer. To make it you need some sort of container to store it in and we thought an ice cube tray was perfect, since it is cold and you won’t need it until the sun is back anyway! If you don’t own (or want to use) an ice cube tray you could also use a different container and slice the chocolate into desired pieces.


2 tbsp tahini

100 gram dark chocolate

Break the chocolate in pieces and melt the chocolate by using a double boiler or a microwave. Make sure that the chocolate does not burn. Mix with the tahini and place in a container (we used an ice cube tray). Place the fudge in the freezer at least 15 minutes to cool down. Store the fudge in the fridge.

* Use good quality tahini for better taste and texture :)

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