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The easiest green spring soup

My curtain decided to fall down on its own last week and ​I have not been able to fix it. I blame it on my old apartment in Copenhagen and not on my ability to hang a curtain, but we all know the truth… As a result, the sun has been waking me up each morning. In the winter my alarm is my wake-up light and it helped me get out of bed on darker times (literally), so my body understands just one thing: light means waking up. This means that this morning the sun hit my face at precisely 6:00 am, while it was 6:45 am last week. This can only mean one this; summer is coming!

But the warmer and sunnier days are not the only thing we are looking forward to when spring rolls around: of course there is all the food! Rhubarb, spring greens, fresh peas, asparagus, radishes, fennel and the list goes on.. It is all so tasty and just think about all the recipes we can make with those!?

What we like to do is buy all these pretty seasonal fruits and veggies and get in the kitchen of course! Last week we decided to combine everything we bought into a very green soup. The soup turned out so good we did not even use vegetable stock or coconut milk to flavour it, way to go veggies!

While making the soup we were of course hoping that all these nice veggies would turn the temperature around and give us some warmth the rest of that day! Sadly, that did not happen.. But the soup made a little sun dance in our belly anyway, so we won’t complain.

When making this soup you can change up the ingredients to your liking and to what you have in your fridge: It is very forgiving. Switch the spring onions for normal onions, arugula for spinach, frozen peas for fresh and if you need some extra taste you can always add some vegetable stock. But we think if you use fresh seasonal veggies this is definitely not needed!

Green Spring Soup

2 big bowls or 4 small

2 spring onions

1 garlic

1 fennel

1 handful of fresh or frozen peas

1 handful of arugula

olive oil

pepper & salt

topping: white wine vinegar, peas, sprouts, arugula, dried chilli flakes

Slice the spring onions, garlic and fennel. Heat a little bit of oil in a pan and add the onions. After a few minutes, add the garlic and fennel. Keep stirring for a few minutes or until the fennel has a bit of color. Add the peas to the pan and enough water to cover all the ingredients. Cook for a few minutes until the peas are done. Add the arugula and use a (hand) blender to mix until smooth. Add pepper and salt to your liking. When serving, add a little splash of white wine vinegar in each bowl along with some (fresh) peas, dried chilli flakes, some extra salt and pepper and if you like some sprouts or arugula.

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