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Three-ingredient truffles

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! (for the people that don’t like chocolate: we apologize, this is not for you) Whenever we like to indulge in a sweet treat, we often like to have something that involves chocolate! And ever since someone told us that chocolate is healthy, there is no controlling us!

Sometimes we like to have something a little different from the regular chocolate bar but still want something that tastes like the real deal and that’s where these truffles come in. Made with just 3 ingredients and full of coconut fatties and our beloved chocolate.

Melted dark chocolate is mixed with coconut milk and a little bit of vanilla. The more chocolate you put in, the more chocolately the taste. We felt that 250 grams of melted dark chocolate and 3 heaped tablespoons of solid coconut milk (leave your coconut milk in the fridge overnight and take only the solified coconut milk for this recipe) plus 1 teaspoon of vanilla, worked for a nice chocolately version, but do what feels best! Put the bowl in the fridge after you mixed everything together and wait 2 hours until hardened.

Now comes the messy part: you are gonna roll little balls with your hands. We must warn you here: people with very warm hands might have difficulties rolling the chocolate into little balls (warm hands melt the chocolate real fast, one of us speaks from experience) so make sure your hands are nice and cold or find someone with cold hands to do it for you!

Chocolate is precious, we wouldn’t want you melting it away.

When you have made your little balls (and made a mess of your kitchen and yourself), let your creativity go wild! You can dip them in whatever you fancy or top them with your favorite ingredients. Some suggestions: orange peel, cocoa powder, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, seeds.

So, while the making of these balls is definitely good therapy for the mind, they are also full of good ingredients.

Coconuts are full of fat, we know, but hear us out. Coconut milk contains high amounts of the fatty acids called lauric acid. Your body converts these nice fatties into a compound that is highly antiviral and antibacterial. It can destroy disease causing organism and could protect the body from infections and viruses. Besides, the fatties in coconut milk do not increase the cholesterol. Not so bad after all, right?

And we didn’t even start talking about chocolate. Chocolate and cocoa contain high amounts of a substance called flavanols. A diet rich in flavanols is linked with a lower risk of chronic diseases and lower blood pressure for example. The consumption of cocoa and dark chocolate has been found to be especially beneficial for lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

So, let’s make them, shall we?

3-ingredient chocolate truffles

makes around 10 truffles

250 g dark chocolate (we used 74%)

3 heaped tbs of solified coconut milk *

1 tsp vanilla powder or extract

Toppings: cacao powder, orange zest, shredded coconut, chopped nuts, etc.

Melt the chocolate and mix with the coconut milk and vanilla in a bowl. Cover and put the bowl in the fridge for at least 2 hours or until the chocolate mixture is hardened. Form round balls of the mixture and dip them in the toppings!

* put your can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight and scoop out the hard coconut milk for this recipe!

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